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French leaderof paintless dent repair

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debosselage sans peinture

M. Jean HernandezWorkshop manager at the Montargis Renault dealership

"Certain clients refuse our bodywork quotes because they find them too high. So I offer them paintless dent removal; we make an appointment with Exelcar and everyone is a winner; the client because they pay less and me because I still make a profit whereas, without this procedure, the client would have gone."

M. Norbert PoinasSales manager at the Limoges LDR Renault dealership

"I always use Exelcar to repair my second-hand vehicles as they are more efficient than the others. They remove 30% more dense; that's less bodywork and more savings made!"

M. Charles SilvanoDirector of Silvano bodywork in Moulins

"There was a massive hailstorm in Moulins and I couldn't meet demand. I had to tell my clients there was a six-month wait! To stop them seeing a competitor, I asked Exelcar to help me. This allowed me to satisfy my clients and to make them loyal to me."


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