debosselage sans peinture debosselage sans peinture debosselage sans peinture

French leaderof paintless dent repair

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debosselage sans peinture

the French leader of paintless dent repair

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and our great experience in the domain of paintless dent removal, we can work on dents the size of a bowling ball, even in inaccessible areas (pour reinforcements, etc).

We can fix your second-hand or rental vehicles, repair your new vehicles dented during transport, erase hailstone impacts that have damaged your vehicle pool, or even help you out when you have an excessive amount of bodywork repairs to deal with.

Exelcar can adapt to all your demands and all your needs

avant/après débosselage

The dent removal process

This is a process that removes dents from vehicle bodywork without mastic or paint being used.

And innovative technique that require specific training and a certain expertise, paintless dent removal enables the repair of door impacts, projectile impact, or damage caused by hail stones on vehicle bodywork.

The advantages of dent removal

  1. Performance :
    After having followed a 12-week training course, our technicians have mastered a cutting-edge technique that enables them to work on dents the size of a bowling ball
  2. The cost
    All our technicians are qualified panel beaters, which enables us to remove 30% more dense than our best competitors; enabling our clients to make even more savings.
  3. Service
    All our sectors are covered by two technicians thus ensuring constant service.
  4. Authenticity
    The original paintwork is kept (no difference in shading).
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