Welcome to the recruitment area of the Exelcar group,
the French leader in paintless dent removal techniques.

Our trade: dent removal from vehicles without using mastic or paint. A very specific repair technique which enables us to work on all types of impacts when there is a small ding on a door, a bonnet, etc or due to hailstones. This expertise enables all our clients to make, on average, a saving of 50% compare to traditional panel beating.

Since the creation of our company, around 10 years ago, we have continually evolved by continuously researching how to improve our technique. This search for excellence has always enabled us to keep one step ahead of our competitors and to win the trust of more than 1000 automobile professionals.

Our motto: Respect the Original

Today the Exelcar group is:

A proven and tested organisation that offers our clients optimum reactivity and very high vehicle processing capacity. For example on hail damaged fleets.

A dent removal training school, the Brunie Institute, specialising in Exelcar techniques were all of our technicians are trained in paintless dent removal. 420 hours of training to master our technique before working with our clients.

Tools of the Exeltools brand, specially developed and patented by our company. Our range of Exeltools dent removal tools enables us to continually push technical boundaries.

A turnover of €3.5 million, 30 dent removal technicians who have woven special partnerships with more than 1000 automobile professionals all over mainland France.

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